Office of International Affairs

"Whether it is recognized or not, all psychiatrists are internationalists, and the field of psychiatry is international."

                                                                      - Melvin Sabshin, MD, APA Medical Director, 1974-1997
                 (as quoted in Psychiatric News"International Members Benefit APA, and Vice Versa")


The APA focuses on strengthening the association's international membership base as well as continuing the association's long tradition of collaboration with like-minded organizations devoted to furthering the mission of psychiatry. It's goals include (1) supporting international participation in the Annual Meeting, (2) effectively meeting the needs of International Members, (3) serving as a coordinating center for international education and support of psychiatry in developing countries, (4) expanding opportunities for international collaboration in all DSM activities, and (5) increasing the accessibility of the international psychiatric community to evidence-based practice that uses the DSM and APA Practice Guidelines. The APA is a member society of both the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) and the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH). 

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