EHR Software Vendors

The following list of electronic health record, practice management, and billing software products has been compiled by APA staff to aid you in your search for practice software.  Please note that the APA does not endorse or recommend any products.

Amazing Charts        Open EMR
CareLogic         PM/2 Clinical Planner 
CarePaths         PracticeFusion 
ChartEvolve         PsychAdvantage 
ChartShare        PsychNotesEMR 
CRIS        QuicDoc and Office Therapy 
Delphi/PBS        QuickPractice 
Easy Psychiatric Record Keeper        ShrinkRapt 
ICANotes         SigmaPoint 
LeonardoMd         SOAPware 
Lytec Mental Health Billing Software         SOS Office Manager and Case Manager 
MediSoft         SumTime
Medscribbler         TheraManager 
MedMD         Therapist Helper 
MentalNote         TherapySoft 
NextGen         TheraScribe 
Notes444         UltimateEMR 
OfficeEMR         Valant 
Office Therapy         VersaForm