Research Fellowships

Provides information about numerous programs designed to support residents, postresidency research fellows, and junior faculty. 

Psychiatry Residents

Trainees currently at the residency level with an interest in starting a research career should visit the Research Training Awards page for information on the Lilly Resident Research Award.

Lilly Resident Research Award *

APF/Janssen Resident Psychiatric Research Scholars *

Postresidency Research Fellows

Current psychiatry residents that are in their last year of training and are seeking a research fellowship might be interested in reading about the Lilly, and Genentech sponsored Research Fellowships.

APA/Lilly Psychiatric Research Fellowship *
APF Schizophrenia Research Fellowship *

Joint Funding for Mentor and Junior Investigator

Research fellows that are interested in submitting a joint application with a mentor might want to visit the Kempf Fund Award page

Kempf Fund Award for Research Development in Psychobiological Psychiatry

Junior Faculty Funding

Persons at the junior faculty level and that have completed at least one year of a research fellowship and do not currently hold a rank higher than Assistant Professor might be interested in learning about the APF Early Academic Career Award on Schizophrenia Research.

APF/Early Academic Career Award on Schizophrenia Research * 

*This grant, fellowship or award is supported by a pharmaceutical company that is required to publicly report any money provided to the physician, whether as stipend, meals, travel or otherwise in support of this grant, fellowship or award on a public database through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  Reporting is legally required only if the physician has completed their four year residency in psychiatry.  However, some of the sponsoring companies may report any physician payments regardless of the stage of their career.