Research Training Awards

This section provides information about the Alexandra and Martin Symonds Foundation Fellowship and the Lilly Resident Research Awards. 

Alexandra and Martin Symonds Foundation Fellowship 

The Association of Women in Psychiatry provides two travel fellowships for young women in psychiatry to attend the annual APA meeting. These fellowships are designed to foster the development of young women in the field of psychiatry and provide them with mentorship and guidance.

Lilly Resident Research Award *

Residents that are currently in training or Research Fellows that have produced a scientific paper summarizing work from a recent research study that was completed during residency can apply for the Lilly Resident Research Award. A total of five awards will be presented during the next APA annual meeting.


*This grant, fellowship or award is supported by a pharmaceutical company that is required to publicly report any money provided to the physician, whether as stipend, meals, travel or otherwise in support of this grant, fellowship or award on a public database through the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  Reporting is legally required only if the physician has completed their four year residency in psychiatry.  However, some of the sponsoring companies may report any physician payments regardless of the stage of their career.