Sleep Disorders


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Stanford Sleep Disorders Medicine Fellowship

Fellowship Description:

The Stanford Sleep Disorders has a very long history and was the first such fellowship accredited by the American Sleep Disorders Association. Our sleep fellowship is viewed internationally as the world's leading training program for sleep disorders medicine and thereby draws trainees from across the United States as well as from around the globe. 

Our ACGME accredited fellowship is a one year clinical fellowship, sponsored by the hospital. The patient recruitment covers all sleep medicine disorders and is very wide. Adults and children are seen and fellows have training covering all ages. Research clinics are part of the overall program and fellows are expected to participate in these research clinics (narcolepsy, pharmacology of sleep, sleep disordered breathing, pharmacology of Restless-Legs Syndrome,neuro-degenerative disorders and REM Behavior Disorder, sleep and orthodontics involving both children and adults). The research clinics are linked to specific laboratories such as the center for narcolepsy research, the center for pharmacology and sleep, and genetics and sleep disorders research laboratory. Collaborative research exists such as with the Parkinson Institute

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Anstela Robinson MD/ Christian Guilleminault MD DBiol
Stanford Medical Outpatient Center
Division of Sleep Medicine
450 Broadway, MC5704
Redwood City Ca 94063
650-725-8910 (fax)